License Info

Baazar Music offers a standard non-exclusive license for any and all files that you download. It is included as a pdf along with your files. This license does not transfer ownership or copyright, those rights are reserved by Baazar Music Productions and/or the specific author of the work.

This license is also non-exclusive, meaning that you will not be the sole license holder or authorized user of the work.

Exclusive Licenses for the future are available upon request, but they will not be retroactively applicable unless we can confirm that no other non-exclusive licenses have been issued.

This license is subject to the laws of your country and may involve Performing Rights Organization accreditation if they are on a national medium like television or film. This does not apply to most independent works.

The agreement authorizes use of our audio in any multimedia project including but not limited to: videos, movies, radio, podcasts, video games, apps, software packages, live performances, social media posts etc. This agreement authorizes re-distribution of the track as part of a larger work but not by itself or unaccompanied by another audio or visual medium. Royalties and compensation after purchase is not required nor is accreditation or acknowledgement (though it is encouraged ; )

Click here to read the sample License Agreement.